Welcome to The Culture Lab

Our mission is simple: to help you unlock the hidden power of your people.

Our mission is simple.

To help you unlock the hidden power of your people.

Spanning six specialisms including organisational culture, employee experience, internal communications, wellness, volunteer engagement and learning and development, our innovative Culture Scientists* help you to design, develop and deliver the right solutions for your company.

We do this by creating a winning formula to inspire, inform and engage your people so that they form an unbreakable connection to your vision and values and help your company to realise its potential.

By finding new and innovative ways to develop your talent and integrate your people, so that they all feel that necessary sense of belonging, The Culture Lab helps you to attract and retain exceptional people who are excited to perform at their best each day.

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What we do

Here at The Culture Lab, we thrive on helping you identify your company’s winning formula to unlock the hidden power of your people.

Your company has its own unique DNA made up of your purpose, people and culture. Let us help you discover how to use these elements to your advantage to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to people performance so that you can attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional people.

Our team of talented consultants – we like to call them Culture Scientists* – provide a range of services tailored to your company’s needs. Whether it’s ad-hoc consultancy services, end-end strategy design, development and delivery, one-off programme implementation or anything in-between, we are here to help!

Help with a great approach

Organisational culture

We will help you review your current vision, mission and values (or help you define them) to identify if they are fit for purpose and aligned to your company’s goals. We will assess how your business processes and policies support your purpose and identify solutions to address any gaps and strengthen your culture.

Employee experience

We understand what makes people happy at work. We can help design, develop and deliver strategies and initiatives that will help strengthen the connection your people have to your company at any point of the employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding.


We are up to date on the latest wellbeing trends and understand the importance of a healthy workplace culture. We can help you to design a holistic and strategic approach to wellbeing at work so that your employees perform at their best.

Internal communications

We all know that trusting your people with information is key. Therefore, we develop appropriate recommendations and strategies to help improve the way you communicate to your people in this modern world. We can also review and advise on existing communications campaigns to ensure they are effective and tailored to the right audience for maximum impact.

Learning and development

Investing in the learning and development of your people is a key ingredient for promoting a more engaged workforce. That’s why we review your current learning and development strategy (or help you develop one) to ensure it supports your current HR processes (such as succession planning, performance management and talent development). We help you devise strategies to integrate the most effective learning methods to support with people development and we are also happy to facilitate the delivery of any learning solutions your company needs.

Volunteer engagement

We all know what a powerhouse volunteers can be to any company that rely on them. That’s why we help you to define, develop and deliver a strategic volunteer engagement programme which helps to attract and retain this amazing workforce throughout their entire journey with you.

Stil have any questions?

In this ever-changing world that we all continue to navigate; your people have never been more crucial to your company’s success.

It’s a well-known fact that companies with a more engaged team have higher productivity rates and are more operationally efficient leading to better customer satisfaction rates, better innovation and of course better profitability. 

But that’s not all, a truly engaged team are energised, committed and healthier. So, who wouldn’t want a happy, healthier, more efficient and effective team, right?

The bottom line is, that your people are your best asset – they are the hidden power behind your company, and they are the key to your success. So how can you create a winning formula to unlock their power and put them at the heart of everything you do? That’s where The Culture Lab comes in – we are here to help!

We unlock the hidden power of your people because we get people. 

We understand what it takes to put your people at the heart of what you do to create a happier, healthier work environment where your people can thrive.

We understand how to align your purpose, vision, mission and values with your company processes and policies to ensure you can create the perfect culture for your business and harness the power of your people.

We can help you to define, develop and deliver strategies that enhance your workplace culture, identify gaps and barriers to engagement and help the role out of game changing initiatives and solutions that help your people perform at their best.

So what are you waiting for….  get in touch today and let us help you unlock the hidden power of your people!

Who we are

We are a team of dynamic and energetic Culture Scientists* with decades of experience working around the globe to create value for our clients and bring the best solutions to you. Lead by their passion for people, our Culture Scientists* come from various sectors and have a range of diverse expertise to suit your company’s needs.


Is to create happy, healthy workplaces.


To help you unlock the hidden power of your people.


We are bold and ambitious. We have the courage to challenge the status quo and dare to go the extra mile for our clients


We are passionate about people and what we do in helping companies achieve their best


We are always looking for new and exciting ideas to create a winning formula


We deliver on our promises and always do the right thing

Meet the founder and CEO of The Culture Lab:

As the founder and CEO of The Culture Lab, MJ has over 20 years of organisational culture experience, specialising in learning and development, employee engagement, internal communications and wellbeing across multiple sectors and countries. Spanning FTSE100 companies, to mega projects and events in the public and private sector both nationally and internationally, MJ is known for his friendly, pragmatic and consultative approach to some of the most complex people challenges.

Driven by his passion for people, MJ always puts people at the heart of everything he does. MJ constantly strives to unlock the hidden power of people by creating winning formulas to form better workplaces so that people can thrive, and companies can attract, grow and retain the best talent.

Outside of work, MJ loves to spend time with friends, family and his five (yes five!) beagles.

"I’ve always had a passion for people. It wasn’t until someone believed in my hidden power that I was brave enough to unlock it for myself. I started believing in myself. This was infectious and I decided to take what I was passionate about and combine it with everything I’ve learnt to create and launch The Culture Lab."

An interview with MJ

The story behind The Culture Lab

When did you first get inspired to start The Culture Lab?
MJ: I’ve always had a passion for people. It wasn’t until someone believed in my hidden power that I was brave enough to unlock it for myself. I started believing in myself. This was infectious and I decided to take what I was passionate about and combine it with everything I’ve learnt to create and launch The Culture Lab.

What is your vision for The Culture Lab?
MJ: I want to help as many companies as possible to create happy, healthy workplaces not just here in the Middle East but globally. This is the best way to drive successful and sustainable businesses and we understand what’s needed when working with a diverse workforce and cultural differences.

Why do you love what you do?
MJ: I just love people! I know that sounds corny but unlocking passion from people is something I thrive on. Seeing people happy and committed is what makes my day. Seeing how that impacts your company is even better!

What does an engaged workforce look like to you?
MJ: They give more. Your people don’t look at the clock. It’s not just what they do, but how they do it. They are committed, energetic, motivated and driven to deliver their best because they trust that their company has their best interests at heart. They constantly strive to go above and beyond. They look out for others. They become your best brand ambassadors (so who needs marketing!!)

When and how did you meet your team of Culture Scientists?
MJ: Over the years, I have worked with some exceptionally talented Culture Scientists in the companies I have worked for, and they have been on this amazing journey with me. These Culture Scientists have been personally selected to join The Culture Lab because they are insanely passionate about people too. They are brave and will continue the integrity of The Culture Lab.

What are the risks of not investing in your people or culture?
MJ: Your company culture is like a plant. If you don’t water it regularly, and give it access to sunlight, it will dry up and shrink. If you do not invest in your people, they are more likely to underperform, will be less innovative, less efficient and will eventually leave. And your best talent will leave first.

What do you think some of the key challenges are to setting up a culture of engagement?
MJ: It’s all about getting commitment and buy-in at a senior level. Ensuring that everyone believes in, and is committed to a enhancing the employee experience so that becomes embedded in the DNA of your organisation. And don’t worry – we can help you develop C-Suite pitches to demonstrate the value of investing in your culture if this is something you need support with!

What have you learnt along the way?
MJ: It has been a bit of rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs. It has taken a giant leap of faith and many sacrifices to get to where I am today. But despite difficult choices, every time I have moved, I have learnt and grown. I have changed both professionally and personally more than I could have ever imagined.

However, my biggest learning is to stay passionate and to be brave – it has been my winning formula throughout the years.

Michael Joannou


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